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Some might say…

Having a science blog could save your graduate career. I just want to let my parents know what the heck I’m doing in America.

My name is Putter (some might say “Sarin”) and I’m currently a graduate student pursuing a career in science. In this blog, I hope to share my experience as a graduate student, my research interests, fun scientific facts (that my younger cousins can understand), and other miscellaneous things that goes through the mind of a Thai-d student (pun intended).

This blog got started becase one of my best friends challenge me to give her one scientific facts for seven days. Since she is in Thailand and I’m here, I thought this would be a great way to sharing  I could also use this blog to share those facts with others who might be interested…



p.s the meaning of HDTH will be explained in further blog posts… stay tuned.

p.s.s featuring a photo of “julie”, a coleopteran found in Phang Nga, Thailand

Sarin 'Putter' Tiatragul
Sarin 'Putter' Tiatragul
PhD Candidate

I’m a Thai PhD candidate at the Research School of Biology (ANU). I go by the name “Putter”.